Best starcraft 2 player

best starcraft 2 player

Track the performance of StarCraft 2 teams and players and see where they stand compared to others in the worldwide and regional rankings. Top 10 Starcraft 2 Players interactive top ten list at TheTopTens®. can fight with the best with the amazing TvT vs Innovation Great player and an icon for many. Just want to show Starcraft fans some great games and link to the content producers. as a terran player i.

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He loses to a lot of players in PvP that are far below his caliber, at the same time where PvP is a lot of these guys' worst matchup. Those 2 players are HELLA good. Chillin x Chudat Check out what Chudat and Chillin had to say about each other! Apr 1, In a game like starcraft that barely utilizes any of the world's lingering talent, the difference between a player like mvp and Zest is GIGANTIC on pretty much EVERY level. One series Zest was playing like he hadn't touched the game in a year and another where the end result was decided by a really strange game that could have went either way at any moment.


StarCraft 2 - Hydra vs. Zest (ZvP) - IEM Katowice 2015 - Ro16 Look at you using the statistic that best supports your argument, aren't you just precious http: He's shown repetitively that his skills eclipse all others in sc2 the greatest player bayern munich vs borussia without a doubt. Go back in time and put more terrans in the GSL? Always the right BO casino echtgeld spielen ohne einzahlung the right nitro spiele, why didn't other terrans take him down? But don't worry, we've got your back! He is a great player and maybe the best, but I can't stop thinking that the tournaments TaeJa has won isn't as great and prestigous as some other tournaments. best starcraft 2 player