Dark cloud 2 water tank

dark cloud 2 water tank

on the strategy guide it says at finny frenzy. i have never seen that place in palm brinks. musta spent 30 mins looking for it. Also how do you get. The Barrel Cannon II. Barrel Cannon III Its in-game description reads: "Made from a water barrel, but it doesn't shoot water!" Barrel; Water Tank ; Waterfall. Water Tank. Waterfall. Barrel Cannon IV. Air Cleaner. Barrel. Fire Squall. Cannonball Arm. Manhole. Old-Style Robot. Post. Cannonball Arm II. dark cloud 2 water tank


Dark Cloud 2 : Chapter 4, Part 1

Dark cloud 2 water tank - den Online

Nov 11, 03 at 3: Restore the Workshop Elevator in Future Heim Rada and then take a picture of the blue glowing elevator. If a Georama item can be used in more than one chapter, I only list it in the chapter it first appears. It is being held by two iron clamps. Wiki discussion Dark Cloud discussion. Sign In Don't have an account?