Best steel for tomahawk

best steel for tomahawk

This is necessary for helping understand how each is best used and what you can expect from an axe forged from a particular combination of steel. Here are. The SOG Tactical Tomahawk is the updated version of the 'hawk model that found popularity with soldiers in Vietnam. The broader stainless steel head and. What steel do you guys recomend for a field hatchet that I plan to use . a recommendation that L6 is a good steel to make a hatchet/ axe from if.

Best steel for tomahawk - der

If they are for decoration , if you actually want to use one camping etc you could go with a few different steels. Stainless Steel series, 2Cr13, 3Cr It has above average ductility when hardened, and can reach up to RC If it was me, I might consider as a good choice, even though it's not stainless. I discovered it one day when I was sharpening the felling ax with a file and noticed the difference in the color. I have ordered some mild to play with to figure out how much steel i need for each axe, but that doesn't matter. best steel for tomahawk


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